SPJ@VCU hosts C-SPAN’s Digital Bus

The Society of Professional Journalists student chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University will host C-SPAN’s Digital Bus this Friday, September 10, from 10 a.m. – noon at the University Student Commons on the Monroe Park campus.

Earlier in the day, Mass Communications students at the school will use Skype to appear on Washington Journal, the network’s morning call-in show.

According to C-SPAN.org, the Digital Bus brings ”Washington… your way” to the community while traveling across the county stopping at festivals, conferences, political gatherings, schools and other locations. The crew on the bus also speaks to students about filming and video journalism production.

Visitors can connect to “public affairs and government, while providing a greater understanding of C-SPAN and our free resources,” states the website.

The Digital Bus is equipped with:
– Computer kiosks with access to C-SPAN’s video library and websites
– HD monitors that carry live feeds of C-SPAN programming
– Downloadable podcasts and iPhone app
– A smartboard presentation area

On the bus, visitors can also record a perspective in the Speaker’s Corner, and connect with C-SPAN using social media.

Friday’s event is free and open to the public.

For more information about the Digital Bus stop at VCU, contact: Chrysany Collier, VCU Public Relations Chair, collierca@mymail.vcu.edu

For more information on SPJ @ VCU visit spjvcu.wordpress.com

For more information about the Digital Bus visit www.c-span.org/bus, or contact Tamara Robinson, trobinson@c-span.org or (202) 626-6129

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