SPJVPA16: ‘Disturb the Peace and Get it Done,’ Post Reporter Tells Journalists

By Matt Chaney Rees Shapiro, the keynote speaker at the SPJ Region 2 Spring Conference, advised journalists to get out of the office, report from the ground and talk to people face to face. Shapiro, an education reporter for The Washington Post, emphasized how getting out, going places and relating to people on a personalContinue reading “SPJVPA16: ‘Disturb the Peace and Get it Done,’ Post Reporter Tells Journalists”

SPJVPA16: Case study in tragedy: WDBJ

By Alyssa Sims “Don’t listen to what we have to say here and be afraid,” Kelly Zuber, news director of WDBJ in Roanoke, told a mix of veteran journalists and journalism students attending the VPA/SPJ joint conference on Saturday (April 9). Zuber spoke at a panel about the impact that the shooting of WDBJ reporterContinue reading “SPJVPA16: Case study in tragedy: WDBJ”

SPJVPA16: Getting ready for drones to take off

By Marhesha Maldonado Unmanned aircraft systems, commonly called drones, could be very beneficial to journalists covering storm damage, traffic accidents, fires and other stories. But the technology also raises important legal, safety and ethical issues. That was the gist of a panel discussion at the VPA/SPJ Region 2 Conference held Saturday (April 9) at ShortContinue reading “SPJVPA16: Getting ready for drones to take off”

SPJVPA16: The state of open government in Virginia

By Matt Chaney A panel of FOIA experts expressed mixed opinions about the state of open government in Virginia at the VPA/SPJ Region 2 Conference on Saturday (April 9). The panelists said that while gains have been made for transparency, much remains to be done to hold government officials on all levels more accountable. TheyContinue reading “SPJVPA16: The state of open government in Virginia”

SPJVPA16: How to engage your community online

By Margaret Carmel Before the internet, readers and viewers had no way to interact with the journalists who brought them the news. But today, social media enables journalists to connect with their audiences for a variety of purposes. From gathering sources and building a personal brand to communicating with consumers, it has become an essentialContinue reading “SPJVPA16: How to engage your community online”