Why and how to join

By joining SPJ, you are showing your commitment to the profession and values of journalism. SPJ stands up for a free press and free speech, for the public’s right to know and journalists’ pursuit of truth – the bedrock of democracy.

SPJ provides professional development and career support, including training programs, a job bank and a freelancer directory. Moreover, membership can pay for itself – by giving you discounts on registration fees for SPJ conferences, entry fees for SPJ’s journalism award contests and a range of products and services, including the AP Stylebook, car rentals and professional liability insurance.

As a member of the SPJ Virginia Pro Chapter, you will plug into a statewide network of journalists. Got an interview for a job at a newsroom in the Old Dominion? Your fellow SPJVA members can give you the inside scoop. Getting the runaround from a FOIA-defying bureaucrat in state or local government? SPJVA has your back.

The dues to join SPJVA are $15 a year. You can join the Virginia Pro Chapter when you pay your national SPJ dues. (There’s even a monthly payment option.)

If you already are current on your national dues and want to join SPJVA as well, email us. We’ll work with you to get your on our roster immediately, and then you can pay the local-chapter dues the next time you renew your national membership.

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