Past George Mason Award winners

Past George Mason Award recipients include:

2021 — Beth Macy, author of “Factory Man,” “Dopesick” and other books, and formerly a reporter for The Roanoke Times
2020 — Jean Patterson Boone and the late Raymond H. “Ray” Boone Sr., Richmond Free Press
2019 — Bill Lohmann, reporter and columnist, The Richmond Times-Dispatch
2016 — Dave Ress, political writer and columnist, The Daily Press
2015 — Wilma Wirt, retired professor of journalism, School of Mass Communications, Virginia Commonwealth University
2014 — Bob Brown, senior photographer, Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013 — Dick Hammerstrom, local news editor, The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg
2012 — J. Stewart Bryan, chairman, Media General, former president and publisher, Richmond Times-Dispatch
2011 — Craig T. Merritt, attorney-at-law, freedom of information specialist, Christian & Barton LLP
2010 — Michael Paul Williams, columnist, Richmond Times-Dispatch
2009 — Bill Baskervill, investigate reporter Virginia Bureau, The Associated Press
2008 — David M. Poole, executive director, Virginia Public Access Project
2007 — Lawrence K. Emerson, retired editor, The Culpeper Citizen and The Fauquier Citizen
2006 — James Kendrick Woodley III, editor, The Farmville Herald
2005 — James A. Mann, associate managing editor, The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg
2004 — J. Malcolm Pace III, editor and publisher, The Herald-Progress, Ashland (posthumous)
2003 — Hampden H. Smith III, professor of journalism and mass communications, Washington and Lee University
2002 — Alexander “Sandy” Wellford, attorney-at-law, freedom of information specialist, Christian & Barton, LLP
2001 — Marvin Lake, public editor, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk
2000 — Margie Fisher, editorial writer and former Virginia Capitol correspondent, The Roanoke Times
1999 — John B. Edwards, editor and publisher, The Smithfield Times
1998 — John B. Tansey, retired vice president and general manager, WRVA
1997 — Laurence E. Richardson, president, Charlottesville Broadcasting Corporation
1996 — John Mitchell Jr., crusading journalist and founding editor, The Planet (posthumous)
1995 — Jerald A. Finch, senior editor and ombudsman, Richmond Times-Dispatch and former managing editor, The Richmond News-Leader.
1994 — Ginger W. Stanley, executive director, Virginia Press Association
1993 — Sandra M. Rowe, editor, The Oregonian, and former executive editor, The Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star, Norfolk
1992 — Marvin E. Garrett, managing editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch (posthumous)
1991 — Jack R. Hunter, state/city news editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch and retired professor of journalism, Virginia Commonwealth University
1990 — Edmund C. Arnold, newspaper designer and professor emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University
1989 — Ralph L. “Bill” Axselle Jr., Virginia House of Delegates member, and Edward W. Jones, managing editor, The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg
1988 — Forrest M. Landon, executive editor, The Roanoke Times
1987 — Clark R. Mollenhoff, professor of journalism and law, Washington and Lee University
1986 — Myrtle Barnes, managing editor, Daily Press and Times-Herald
1985 — Robert S. “Bob” Gallimore, Virginia bureau chief, The Associated Press
1984 — Robert E. L. Baker, managing editor, The Free Lance-Star
1983 — Charles McDowell, Washington correspondent and columnist, Richmond Times-Dispatch
1982 — George Crutchfield, founding director and Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Mass Communications
1981 — Melville Carico, political writer, The Roanoke Times
1980 — Jim Mays, news director, WTAR-AM/TV, Norfolk
1979 — James Latimer, political writer, Richmond Times-Dispatch
1978 — Guy Friddell, special writer and columnist, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk
1977 — Lois D. Watkins, publisher, The Herald-Progress, Ashland
1976 — Kermit W. Salyer, editor-publisher, Franklin News-Post
1975 — John E. Leard, executive editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch and News-Leader
1974 — Charles S. Rowe, editor and co-publisher, The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg
1973 — Alf Goodykoontz, managing editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch
1972 — R. K. T. “Kit” Larson, managing editor, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk
1971 — Ed O. Meyer, executive manager, Virginia Press Association
1970 — Robert B. Smith, general manager, Daily Press, Inc.
1969 — Virginius Dabney, editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch
1968 — Roy Smith, Virginia House of Delegates member, and John Gunn, state-suburban editor, The Richmond News-Leader
1967 — James Jackson Kilpatrick, editorial page editor, The Richmond News-Leader
1966 — Walter B. Potter, editor-publisher, Culpeper Star-Exponent
1965 — Frank H. Fuller, Virginia Manager, The Associated Press
1964 — Louis Spilman, publisher, Waynesboro News-Virginian
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