SPJ Virginia Pro Chapter members sought for annual audit

The chapter must conduct a review of its finances for the current year by May 1, 2013, in order to comply with annual report requirements established by SPJ national. I am seeking three chapter members who are not currently serving on the chapter board of directors or our scholarship board of directors to serve as reviewers.

 The job should take no more than a half-hour and can be done in one meeting, either during the workday, over lunch, or in the evening at my home. Reviewers will examine the chapter checkbook to confirm that expenditures were justified and that support exists for each one. If necessary, the reviewers would report any irregularities to the chapter president for further action. Meanwhile, the reviewers will also be asked to sign a statement for the annual report that they have examined the books.

If you can perform this service for the chapter, please contact me by email as soon as possible with dates and times from April 24-30, 2013, when you would be available for a review meeting. Your assistance is greatly needed.

If you are available, please contact Brian H. Eckert ,Treasurer, SPJ Virginia Pro Chapter
at (804) 287-6659 or beckert@richmond.edu

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