November Board of Directors meeting minutes

Virginia Pro Chapter SPJ Board of Directors meeting
9:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 2011
offices of WVCE Public Radio, Richmond

Present: Paul F., Brian E., Pat K., Joan T., Wayne F., Caroline C., Guy L., A.J. L.
Nicole L. available by phone

Old Business:

Secretary Pat K. read minutes of October board meeting, approved unanimously

Christopher Newport University situation:
CNU Captain’s Log student newspapers were stolen, and university declined to press charges. Paul F. wrote op/ed on thefts, which was published in Virginia Lawyers Weekly and the Captain’s Log. Pat K. will seek wider distribution of the op/ed.

University of Virginia situation:
University of Virginia Cavalier Daily newspaper ran story outlining plagiarism without identifying student, pursued honor code charges. Honor council threatened editors with charges. All charges dropped. SPJVA offered support to editor.

Board will develop introductory letter to college editors alerting them to our potential resources.

SPJ national high school essay contest:
Guy L. will serve as judging chairman for SPJVA

New board member sought:
Bonnie Davis has moved to North Carolina. Will seek new educator for the board.

Richmond photojournalist arrest:
Pat wrote statement to Richmond officials regarding Oct. 31 arrest of photojournalist Ian Graham of RVA Mag. Brian E. moved, A.J. L. second, board approved unanimously. Paul F. to edit and send out on SPJVA letterhead.

Statement on A.P. Day at the Capitol:
Minor edits accepted to Brian E.’s statement of support for the A.P. Day program. Program ran by Capitol Correspondents Association. Brian E. moved, Guy L. second, board approved unanimously:

“AP Day at the Capitol is a program of great value to journalists who cover Virginia government, and it is one that the Society of Professional Journalists, Virginia Pro Chapter, has supported for many years. The chapter defers to the event’s organizers to make specific program arrangements. SPJ is a First Amendment organization, and we support every citizen’s and candidate’s ability to be heard.”

Public notice:
Paul F. and Caroline C. to talk with Ginger Stanley from VPA regarding fight to preserve public notice in Virginia newspapers. VPA taking the lead so far. Caroline says they are updating weekly and building a coalition. Al Cross of SPJ national government committee says this is a right to know issue.
George Mason Birthday:
Brian E. offered an update on the George Mason birthday program. Round-trip to Mason memorial in D.C. for wreath-laying and program by Park Ranger. Return to Gunston Hall, which offers a $9 home tour and short film.
Aiming for Sunday, Dec. 11 – Mason’s birthday. Likely all-day affair carpooling from Richmond. Will advertise to membership, others, D.C. pro membership.
Will count as First Amendment program for chapter. Brian E. requested up to $150 for wreath materials, Guy L. moved, Pat second, board approved unanimously. Brian E. will draft press release.

Scholarship profiles project:
Pat K. offered an update on board project to create a booklet profiling all SPJ, SDX Foundation Scholarship recipients. Able to find many people on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Treasurer’s Report:
$7,385.94 from Meet the Media Day event. Balance is $7,829.94. Account transferred from Danny F. to Brian E. in October. 501c6 nonprofit status renewed Oct. 25. We have 110 members, about 70 active members. Can expect $900 in dues from national.
Brian E. recommends a close look at the roster and more membership communication. Pat K. will look at rosters, develop welcome letter/e-mail. Will ask Robyn S. to co-chair membership communication.

New Business:

Pat K. to send card on behalf of SPJVA to family of Josie Scott, killed Oct. 30 by motorist.

January social program idea:
2012 General Assembly preview. Perhaps Megan Rhyne, capitol correspondent, etc. speaking at casual gathering.

Regional Director’s Report:
Brian E. has looked into chartering train space for SPJ Region 2 Spring Conference March 30-31 in Elon, N.C.
Brian E. to visit Regent University in Virginia Beach Nov. 18 to start student chapter of SPJ.

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