October Board of Directors meeting minutes

Virginia Pro Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists Board of Directors meeting

WCVE Public Radio
9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15

Present: Paul F., Brian E., Pat K., Caroline C., Guy F., Nicole L., Wayne F.

$500 to Jepson School – co-sponsor
Gifts for 11 panelists, $20 card to B&N
Caroline C. moved, minutes approved unanimously

Brian: VCOG does FOI work, started in part by SPJ Virginia. Designated as long-term sponsor.
Wayne moved, Guy seconded, funding $250 for reception sponsorship. As recently as 2004 gave $500
annually, recently $0 annually. Passed unanimously.

Recap of EIJ 2011 by Paul, Brian and Pat

Paul: congrats to Brian E. for Regional Director of the Year

Brian: VAPRO was a three-star chapter last year, star system is being retired. Regional directors saw
flaws, fairness issues in system and killed it. Expect guidelines for “in good standing” or “not in good
standing” system within weeks. One year not in good standing, visit from national. Three years not in
good standing, lose charter.
Three professional development programs per year. Attendance figure required. Annual reports
required. Helping legal aid fund, fighting legislature, FOI activity, helping SDX board, aid student

Brian reelected as Regional Director, also on Executive Committee. UR funds his travel and president
Dr. Ayers is supportive.

PK recap of one member, one vote. SPJ headquarters staff to present plan in January, Brian reports.
Plenty of time before next set of Regional Director votes.

Paul: won the 2013 Region 2 Spring Conference, to be hosted with VPA annual meeting in Richmond.
PK Recap of EIJ Region 2 meeting.
Paul: using Wijio.com for board meeting and planning.
Discussed larger rooms for conference spaces, especially for multimedia sessions

AP Day at the Capitol
Controversy over excluding Jamie Radke by Tea Party groups.

Draft statement along the lines of “We have and will continue a long-standing commitment to this
program. We have deferred to them to use their judgement in defining the candidates. We support their
program in its totality.”
Brian to draft statement, will be posted on Virginia Pro channels.

York County leading fight against public notice in newspapers. Sought GA approval to public online-

only. Delegate Steve Landis has introduced bill three years at least. Caroline said first English
newspaper in 1665 had court notices, 1789 in United States.

Backed by Gov. McDonnell and Reform Commission, opposed by Virginia Press Association. Public
right-to-know issue. Brian will look into SPJ national platform on notices.

People in Lexington victim of water heater backflow explosions. Doug Harwood, Rockbridge
Advocate, not warned by newspaper notice on backflow valves. Jim Dolan did study on costs of
website construction in Minnesota.

Brian: Letter writing campaign to legislators. Speaker on behalf of SPJ, Paul volunteered. Contact other
journalism organizations.

Spend a month deciding on platform. Perhaps write op-eds for papers to use.

Admin needs to, like all colleges, say that they are shaping the way people to behave. They should
make sure this is not acceptable. Look into CNU, Hampton, Towson. PK will take lead.

Brian said 40th anniversary of college scholarships. Close to $100,000 in scholarship donations since
1972. Foundation seeking assistance in producing booklet going over scholarship winners. Seeking
major “angel” donation. Seeking 75 profiles. Brian will send list of names, deadline of George Mason

Paul moved for chapter to accept project, Caroline second, unanimous vote.

Brian encouraged members to attend SPJ Region 2, hopes pro chapters will each contribute a
professional development program.

Brian encouraged chapter membership retention and communication.
Paul wants chapter newsletter. Collecting examples.
Paul seeks to host 40th anniversary event for SPJ/SDX Scholarship fund
Brian visiting 16 student chapters, five pro chapters this year.

Action items:

Caroline and Paul working on public notice
Brian writing AP Day statement of intent, circulate to board
Pat monitor CNU situation, potential op-ed
Brian, Pat & Paul discussing scholarship biography
Sunday, Dec. 11 or Saturday, Dec. 10 George Mason’s Birthday evening. Caroline will look into
Gunston Hall event, Brian will seek road trip.

Next meeting:

Saturday, Nov. 5 board meeting at WVCE 9:30 a.m.

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