Newsrooms must adapt

If you work for a traditional newsroom, especially a newspaper, in all likelihood you are in a situation not that different than the Oakland A’s as depicted in “Moneyball.” You don’t have the money you feel you need to do the job the way you were brought up to believe it needs to be done, and that situation is never going to get better. The University of Southern California’s Center for the Digital Future even predicts the end of most printed newspapers in just a few years, owing not just to the economic factors hurting advertising but, more importantly, consumer habits shifting media use increasingly to digital platforms. News organizations may face a stark choice. As expressed in “Moneyball” by Brad Pitt as the general manager of the A’s: Adapt or die.

Published by Guy

Second-generation journalist who spent 11 years with one foot in the corporate world at Media General, now caught in the eddies of the industry's change, uncertain where it will take me.

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