Kudos to UVa student journos

The Cavalier Daily's work on the mess surrounding the ouster of the university president got national notice on JimRomenesko.com -- and an endorsement of its Twitter feed. Good work wins.

Newsrooms must adapt

If you work for a traditional newsroom, especially a newspaper, in all likelihood you are in a situation not that different than the Oakland A’s as depicted in “Moneyball.” You don’t have the money you feel you need to do the job the way you were brought up to believe it needs to be done, … Continue reading Newsrooms must adapt

Mobile revives the late-news appetite

Given the trends underscored by the latest report from comScore, Digital Omnivores, we may be in a window where people one day will say they were at one of the last newspaper organizations NOT to have an online PM strategy. This is the next generational shift.