Elimination of physical quorum rule proposed

The FOIA Council subcommittee is considering whether to recommend eliminating the requirement that state or local bodies have a quorum physically present when doing business.

Megan Rhyne, executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, said that her group opposes the proposed change.

Current FOIA rules say state agencies must have a quorum in one location and that localities can’t meet electronically at all except for when a member has an emergency, Rhyne said.

She added that this proposed change wasn’t really pushed for by state agencies or localities.

Nonetheless, the subcommittee will consider the draft legislation tomorrow and make a recommendation to the full council later in the day.

For anyone interested in attending and/or testifying, the council meeting is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow at House Room D of the General Assembly Building.

The draft is posted here in a document entitled emtgs.

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