Shooting and Editing Video 101

Join us for a special workshop before the 2016 VPA/AP/SJP Region 2 conference in early April:

Shooting and Editing Video 101

Video is hot these days. It’s never been easier to shoot, edit and then post it on YouTube, Facebook or a website. But what’s the difference between good and bad video? How can you use inexpensive cameras–and even your phone–to capture the best video? Or the best interview? Then how about editing? This session gets you thinking and acting like a video photojournalist so your video not only gets clicks, but hopefully compliments.

What you’ll learn:
What’s important (and not) when looking at video cameras
Basic shooting techniques
Important points about recording an interview on camera
Handling video files
Basic editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Friday, April 8, 1-4 p.m. on the VCU Monroe Park campus

$30 for those paying registered to attend the conference with VPA or SPJ Region 2
$50 for VPA or SPJ Region 2 members not attending annual conference
$100 for non-members

Form and info:

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