Virginia high court to weigh cameras in the courtroom

The Supreme Court of Virginia has taken up a case that could resolve some inconsistencies in the commonwealth’s cameras-in-the-courtroom statute. One part of the law says cameras come in only if the judge lets them and another passage indicates they come in unless the judge can state a good reason not to allow them. SPJContinue reading “Virginia high court to weigh cameras in the courtroom”

Elimination of physical quorum rule proposed

The FOIA Council subcommittee is considering whether to recommend eliminating the requirement that state or local bodies have a quorum physically present when doing business. Megan Rhyne, executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, said that her group opposes the proposed change. Current FOIA rules say state agencies must have a quorum inContinue reading “Elimination of physical quorum rule proposed”

Access Across America II visits Richmond 7/12

Five experts in freedom of information are traveling the country this summer as part of Access Across America II, providing SPJ pro chapters and newsrooms a special session on accessing public records, including great ideas for record-based stories, effective requests, and how to use tactical strategies to overcome denials and exorbitant copy fees. Charles Davis,Continue reading “Access Across America II visits Richmond 7/12”